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From 120 students to 262 students in 14 months 🔥

This case study is really close to my heart because this is my parents martial arts school and what caused me to create Dojo Launch.

I grew up doing martial arts at my parents' school. As a teenager I helped them teach their classes then when I was 16 I started helping them with their sales and marketing.

We tried all the traditional marketing techniques like cold calling, flyers, demos, buddy nights, referral programs, email marketing, lead generation websites, etc, but nothing worked. 

Sure we got an extra 3-5 students per month but we were not satisfied with that. One day I started preaching to my parents that they need to focus on digital marketing because it’s the future. They were hesitant at first but gave me a shot.

I spent over a hundred hours watching YouTube videos, taking courses, reading blogs and I started creating Facebook and Google Ads campaigns and boom, we started getting leads.

But the problem was these leads were not converting into students. So I got back to work. I created automations to follow-up with the leads and that boosted our sign-up rates by about 15%-20%. It was a nice increase but I knew something was still missing…

Then one day I was reading a study by MIT that stated the odds of connecting with a lead if called in 5 minutes vs 30 minutes drops by 100 times. I was in complete shock!
We usually called our leads within a few hours so I realized we were missing out on so many potential students.

From there we started calling the leads within 5 minutes (during reasonable hours) and following up with them frequently and we finally hit the jackpot.

My parents' school went from getting 5-10 students a month to consistently over 30 students per month. From July of 2021 to August of 2022 I grew them from 120 students to 261 students. In regards to monthly income they were doing just shy of 20k/month and now they are in the 60k-70k/month range. 

My parents are beyond happy that their income has tripled within a year and now they have the financial freedom to live a great life. Furthermore, they are also looking at opening a 2nd location soon to keep up with the growing demand.

After seeing the success of my parents business I started having many other martial arts schools reach out to me to help them too.

That’s when Dojo Launch was born

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