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From 86 students to 408 students within 2 years 😳

Imagine going from 86 students to 426 students within 2 years. That’s exactly what we did for Andrew at All Star Martial Arts Newmarket. 

Andrew Cunnane opened All Star Martial Arts Newmarket in January of 2020. Pretty much the worst time possible to open a martial arts school. Within a few months the pandemic hit and he was struggling to make ends meet.

After the first lockdown ended and seeing the success of my parents martial arts school Champs Academy, Andrew reached out to us to help generate new students.

We took the time to understand Andrew’s martial arts school and conducted competitive research so we could see how the other martial arts schools in his area were advertising.

From there we strategically crafted a campaign to set his school apart from the competition and deployed our Dojo Launch Rocket system and voila…

Within 6 weeks Andrew got 92 new students! He had so many students coming in he didn’t know what to do.

We continued to help Andrew throughout the remaining covid lockdowns and he was able to grow from 86 students in July of 2020 to 426 students in July of 2022. In terms of revenue we took Andrew’s martial arts school from 9k/month to consistently over 80k/month.

Andrew’s martial arts school is quickly on track to surpassing 100k/month and becoming completely full. He’s even looking at purchasing a 2nd location to keep up with all the new students he’s getting.

It’samazing to not only see the success of his martial arts school during one ofthe toughest periods ever but also to see the lives of his community that areimpacted through his amazing martial arts classes.

 Andrewis amongst the new generation of martial arts school owners who are going to bea force to reckon with in the next 5 years.

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