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Facebook Ads

Reach new heights. Maximize your reach and get more engagement.

Google Ads

Skyrocket your school’s success. Drive targeted traffic and boost visibility.

Youtube Ads

Show off your school’s greatness. Captivate your audience with compelling videos.

Appointment Setter

Effortlessly enroll. Streamline the process, and convert leads to students.


Command attention with a captivating online presence. Impress and convert visitors.

Social Media Manager

Build a thriving community. Enhance your online presence and strengthen your connections.


Rise above the rest. Elevate your visibility and dominate search engine rankings.


Unleash your marketing potential. Get expert guidance on your path to success.

Your Martial Arts School Should Be a Fulfilling Business, Not a Marketing Challenge

How does Dojo Launch help you succeed? Through strong partnerships and a long-term approach.

  • Strengthen your entire online presence
  • Attract a continuous flow of motivated students
  • Push your revenue to the next level

Our experienced martial-artists-turned-marketers will make sure you cut through the noise, with marketing strategies tailored to your dojo.

Let’s give your marketing hurdles a big roundhouse kick. We’ll take your martial arts school to new heights of financial success – all while you stress less and get back to what you do best: training and inspiring your students.

Kickstart Your Martial Arts Marketing Journey

Doing your own marketing can be a huge challenge. And marketing agencies can be hit or miss. But Dojo Launch has your back. Team up with us, and let’s win your marketing battles together.


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Powerful partnerships, unmatched quality. We selectively partner with schools that share our bold vision.

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Here’s How We’ll Grow Your Dojo

Build Out & Optimize

Achieve a strong foundation for your dojo’s online presence. Our team helps you thrive digitally by:

Optimizing your website, social media, and Google My Business to maximize conversions from incoming traffic.

Integrating our student acquisition system with your website and social media leads.

Crafting and launching a compelling ads campaign that drives trafficto your dojo.


Lead Generation

Draw students to your dojo. We attract aspiring students for you by:

Posting 5 times per week on your social media to help you build an audience, nurture them, and convert them into paying students.

Testing photos, graphics, videos, lead generation versus conversions, different landing pages, and different copy.

Launching an SMS campaign to your cold leads and former students.


Dedicated Appointment Setter

Level up your connection with your current and potential students. Dojo Launch:

Hires martial artists based in Canada and the US to handle your leads.

Handles 100% of your follow-ups for you, saving you time and effort.

Gives 24 hour appointment reminder calls, minimizing your no-shows.


Expert Coaching

Get personalized support and strategic direction. The Dojo Launch team offers:

Daily communication with your account manager.

Bi-weekly Zoom calls.

Coaching on increasing closing rate, retention rate, content creation, hiring, systems, and more.

Free Resources to Help You Outgrow Your Opponents
Here’s What Other School Owners Are Saying
"After working with DojoLaunch we pretty much blew uptop 2000%, we are really happy working with DojoLaunch"
Master Kelly Chang & Jacky Lin
Ignite Taekwondo
"One of the best moves we've ever made for our business is using DojoLaunch"
Master Morrison
Champs Academy
"I really recommend Dojolaunch for the Gyms that are trying to start out and trying to grow"
Will Esparza
House of Dragons
"I highly recommend DojoLaunch if you're looking to get more leads and more students into your school"
Matt Ross
Tiger Kicks Martial Arts
"We've seen massive growth and finally able to reach a lot of students and teach them"
Riley Fyfe
Grimsby Karate Dojo
" When We Switched over to DojoLaunch, we started to see some growth and started expanding"
Andrew Cunnane
All Star Martial Arts
"We got around 40 enrolments last month with super low Cost-per-lead, these incredible group of people from DojoLaunch have helped us"
Colton Dillard
Columbus Martial Arts
Success Stories
See How We’ve Helped Martial Arts Schools Reach Their Potential
HLD Taekwondo Case Study
5 min read

HLD Taekwondo Case Study

We generated 53 new students for HLD Taekwondo within 6 months of working with their school.
All Star Martial Arts Case Study
5 min read

All Star Martial Arts Case Study

We grew All Star Martial Arts Newmarket from 9k/Month to 82k/Month in just over 2 years throughout the Covid lockdowns.
Champs Academy Case Study
5 min read

Champs Academy Case Study

We grew Champs from 0 to 300+ students in 2 years

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FAQs: The Wisdom You Seek

Are there any contracts?

No, we do not hold our clients in contracts. We believe in creating long-term relationships through generating great results.

What happens if I don’t get any new students?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t get any new students in your first 30 days of marketing with us.

Are the prices negotiable?

No, our prices are firm. Although we are not the cheapest agency in our industry, our work speaks for itself. We wouldn’t have our clients stay with us month after month if they weren’t profitable.

What kind of results can I expect?

It depends on your ad spend. We work with schools from $1.5k-$10k+ ad spend per month. Our goal is to get our clients minimum 10 new students every single month.

What service is best for me?

Apply for a demo call and if you qualify our team will learn more about your school and recommend you what service would be the best fit to help you crush your goals.

Overcome Your Marketing Challenges & Become Unstoppable

Beat your income worries
Empower more students
Leave a lasting legacy behind you